Reverse Cam & Rear Speakers Activation

 Install at your own risk, Warranty will be Void

Step 1 : Download Dboot_1.4 & dmicom_beta_1 from below links

Step 2 : Extract Zip & Copy the upgrade.lgu from dboot 1.4 folder

Step 3 : Insert the USB into MediaNav

Step 4 : Press Upgrade to Dboot 1.4

[ MediaNav will automatically restart, Don’t unplug the USB ]

Step 5:Upgrade will continue after restart

Step 6 : Power Off & On the MediaNav Using Car Key (after update)

Step 7 : Once Dboot 1.4 displayed in bottom left of Medianav , Touch the logo with your finger & Move from left to right

Step 8 :  Press Ok in the screen, to enter Windows CE 6.0

Step 9 : Touch Start, Program & Select USB PHY On

Step 10 : Extract dmicom_beta_1 Zip file and copy the folder into a formatted USB

Step 11 : Connect the USB into MediaNav

Step 12 : Open My Device , Open Drive MD , Open dmicom_beta_1/bin/dmicom.exe

[ Micom Config will open ]

Step 13 : Choose Environment , Choose Fitted option in Rear view cam & Rear loudspeakers

Step 14 : Touch Write ECU config to register the setting

Step 15 : Choose Rearview Camera option

Step 16 : Choose Guideline for x87 in vehicle type for RVC, then Write Guideline

Step 17 : Change RVC Display tempo.time (last option) to 500 [BS= Backspace],
Then Write Tempo.time

Step 18: After all above Steps, Press Enregister

[MediaNav will restart automatically]


Video Tutorial for Software Installation:

Tutorial for Speaker Cable Connection : 


One Comment

  1. nikhil arya

    unable to find download links for Download Dboot_1.4 & dmicom_beta_1. I want to activate rear camera in my media Nav 4.0.6, pls suggest. The media Nav is of LG


    Bahi mere ko 4.0.3 ka reverse camera or video player software hona please help anyone call 9745532210

  3. Jure Tandara

    I have harness adapter and rear view camera for Renault Captur 2014. Everything is connected according to the guidelines but there are no video signal on OEM display. On the other hand video signal exists when connecing to the not OEM display. Do I have to folow the above procedure in order to activate rear view camera?

  4. Neno

    How to activate rear camera for media nav softer 4.1.0. I install all cables and camera but no picture on monitor.Car is Renault Captur 2013.

  5. Mohamed Iqbal

    is it need to update software for activate rear view camera and rear speaker. My software version was 7.0.5. Please help me

  6. Pierre Hana

    kindly email me the links to download files to activate rear camera
    or send me on whats app on 00201205559595

  7. ashoposki

    Hi, can someone please help. How to upgrade from 4.0.3 to 4.0.6.
    I can activate rear viev camera for Renault Captur 2014

  8. Gavin

    Need to down grade from 4.1.0 and then also need dboot and micom to activate rear camera. Then update back to 4.1.9

  9. Semih Elbasi

    Can you please enable me the access for the Gogle Drive, so i can download the files.
    Thank you very much!

  10. Diganta deka

    Where is download link… My medianav is updated 8.0.5 i need camera and rear speaker unlock software.

  11. Izabela


    Can someone send me a link to Download Dboot_1.4 & dmicom_beta_1 as I can not find it please.

  12. Patrick

    I’ve bought a 2015 Clio with MediaNav 4.0.5. and have installed a backup camera.
    Is it possible to use Dboot_1.4 and if so can I find the file anywhere?

  13. Kevin

    I’ve bought a 2015 Clio with MediaNav 4.0.5. and have installed a backup camera.
    Is it possible to use Dboot_1.4 and if so can I find the file anywhere?

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